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Re: Furry, bat-eared pterosaurs

Raymond Ancog wrote:
> Last year I came across a picture depicting pterosaurs as reptilian bats,
> complete with huge, gleaming eyes and pointy ears. Since I've had to
> replace my hard drive due to a crash, I've lost my references. Can anyone
> tell me from what book it came from, who drew it, and which websites have
> it? I want to add it to my Pterosaur FAQ's page (../pterosaur appended to
> my website).

"The illustrated encyclopaedia of pterosaurs" by Peter Wellnhofer.
It says the image was by Edward Newman, 1843. Apparently he thought
that pterosaurs were warm-blooded and covered in fur, so he
reconstructed them as marsupials. Not far off the mark too (except
for that whole marsupial thing).

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        Melbourne, Australia

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