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new book

     I've just received a fun little book from Don Glut:  _Carbon Dates: A 
     Day by Day Almanac of Paleo Anniversaries and Dino Events_, McFarland 
     and Company, 1999, $28.50, ISBN 0-7864-0592-9, paperback).
     Basically, pick any date of the year, and Glut's book will tell you 
     what dinosaur-related events happened.  In addition to the boring (heh 
     heh) entries involving real paleontology, Glut also lists the good 
     stuff, involving dinosaurs in SF and the movies.  I was delighted to 
     learn that I was born on the same day that Edgar Rice Burroughs 
     finished writing _Tarzan at the Earth's Core_.  What an honor!
     There are lots of photographs, most of which will be familiar to the 
     serious dinosaur fan, but nice to see again anyway.
     All told, an amusing and clever contribution.