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RE: new book

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> Subject: new book
>      I've just received a fun little book from Don Glut:  _Carbon
> Dates: A
>      Day by Day Almanac of Paleo Anniversaries and Dino Events_,
> McFarland
>      and Company, 1999, $28.50, ISBN 0-7864-0592-9, paperback).
>      Basically, pick any date of the year, and Glut's book will tell you
>      what dinosaur-related events happened.  In addition to the
> boring (heh
>      heh) entries involving real paleontology, Glut also lists the good
>      stuff, involving dinosaurs in SF and the movies.  I was delighted to
>      learn that I was born on the same day that Edgar Rice Burroughs
>      finished writing _Tarzan at the Earth's Core_.  What an honor!
>      There are lots of photographs, most of which will be familiar to the
>      serious dinosaur fan, but nice to see again anyway.
>      All told, an amusing and clever contribution.

Got my copy of it, too.
Interesting things.

On Sept. 13 (my birthday) in 1890 (somewhat before my birthyear... :-) the
famous Punch cartoon of Marsh as the ringmaster of a paleocircus was

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