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Qantassaurus: nomen nudum no more

Not quite the "second coming" (oops, sorry Mickey), but almost as eagerly
anticipated... Qantassaurus intrepidus has been published at last! I don't have
the full ref, but apparently it's in the Proceedings of the Second Dinosaur
Symposium by the National Science Museum in Tokyo. Australia doesn't get a new
dino named very often, so it was cause for a half-page article in the Melbourne
Herald/Sun (that most respected of scientific publications, he says

In a totally unrelated vein, I've heard on the grape vine that an all Australian
CGI dinosaur documentary is in the works, in the tradition of Walking with
Dinosaurs (albeit not a very old tradition). Here's hoping they'll get
Muttaburrasaurus right this time. The WWD team were years behind in their
research, what with a thumb spur and that old nasal bulla reconstruction...
don't get me started! I'm looking forward to seeing a club-tailed Rhoetosaurus
defending itself from a large theropod, or a group of Minmi on the run.

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

        Australian Dinosaurs: