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Re: Little skulls...

Stanley Friesen writes:
> Here in North America, the main
> nest-parasite cuckoo varies its hosts over its range.  Also, in any given
> area it often has two or three hosts.

If that is the case then there may be more ways to deduct parasitic
offspring behaviour than I first suspected.  If we find evidence of unchewed
Velociraptors with no acid burns on them in several nests throughout the
Gobi - we might have a better case.  What other host theropod species are on
offer to a mother Velociraptor?  I can only think of Oviraptor and Mononykus
off the top of my head (and of course Tyrannosaurus/Tarbosaurus bataar but I
personally can't imagine the Velociraptor chicks ending up bigger than the
host's own hatchlings)

Samuel Barnett

One flew over the Velociraptor mongoliensis nest