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Re: early dino news from Madagascar

dbensen wrote:
> ``They are at least as old as any dinosaurs that have been described
>before,'' Flynn said in a telephone interview. ``We think they
> could be the oldest known.''
> Circumstantial evidence dates them to the early Triassic period, 230
>million years ago, Flynn, along with colleagues at the University
> of California at Santa Barbara, Northern Illinois University and the
>University of Antananarivo in Madagascar report in the journal
> Science.<<
>Wha?!  Prosauropods in the Early Triassic?!
Actually, probably in the Middle Triassic. For more details see
http://www.fieldmuseum.org where there are links on the front page to the
new stuff. I just talked with John Flynn and it sounds very important. They
also have mammal-like reptiles making the transition to mammals that are
very well preserved. They've really only just started getting the bones out
of the matrix, so there's lots more to come.

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