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Fighting Archaeopteryx (was Re: More Paleoart Ideas)

Mr Harding gave me this idea in a post he sent quite a while ago now and I've only just completed it!  Many thanks to Dan Bensen and of course Grant Harding for the concept.  Comments, criticisms and commisions gratefully appreciated.
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Sent: Thursday, September 16, 1999 7:20 PM
Subject: More Paleoart Ideas

Hi folks.  These two paleoart ideas occurred to me while watching a recent episode of David Attenborough's _Life of Birds_.  Feel free to use 'em, and if someone has done pictures like this already, please let me know who and where I can see them.
First of all, how about two _Archaeopteryx_ fighting, suspended in midair, lashing out with their (possibly hyperextendable-second-toed) feet, feathers flying everywhere.
Secondly, a herd of _Chasmosaurus_, each with splotches on the skin stretched over their frill windows, but with splotches of varying sizes, to denote social rank.
See ya!
Grant Harding
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