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[Fwd: Little skulls...]

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Stanley Friesen wrote:
> Also,
> changes in exposure of potential hosts to cuckoos is having some strong,
> and in some cases alarming, effects on some species.

[not picking on Mr. Friesen, but]
I have been biting my tongue during this "authoritative" discussion but
feel I have to say this.  Unlike European cuckoos, North American
cuckoos very seldom are brood parasites and in my 15 years of birding I
have never heard of them being a problem.  Are you folks thinking of
cowbirds?  They are a big problem and control measures have been
instituted where they are a threat to endangered species.


Les Eastman
Havre de Grace, MD
Visit the Harford Bird Club Web Page at http://birdclub.harfordhasit.com

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