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Re: HUMOR: Happy Birthday Universe.....

Saturday, October 23rd.
It's the Universe's birthday!

Celebrate with the ghost of Archbishop Usher and claim that the Universe
"doesn't look a day over six thousand years old".<<

What a wonderful coincidence.  The 23rd of October is also Mole Day (for all
you chemistry students out there).  How strange that the universe was
created on the 23rd of October.  Perhaps moles are even more important than
we have realized.


"A mole is an animal that burrows in the ground
It is also a little hairy thing that you have to shave around
But the kind of mole that's most intresting to me
Is the kind of mole they use in chemistry.

A mole is a unit, or had you heard
It's six times ten to the twenty-third.
That's a six with twenty-three zeros at the end
much to big a number to comprehend."