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back from SVP-field trip snippets

SVP was fun (I came back a day before it's over).
Denver has lousy coffee though.

field trip to several of the Marsh/Cope Morrison quarries in the Denver
area of Colorado (also an early invertebrate ichthnosite)  Ken Carpenter
led the trip and many Dinolist people were on the trip also.  We stood
on the exact sites of the Camarasaurus type specimen (I found my first
piece of dino bone ever-I was good-I put it back), the 'roadkill
stegosaurus' with throat ossicles, an _Allosaurus fragilus_ plus site at
the Felch quarry (I think the AMNH specimen), etc.  I took pictures. 
Ken lectured onsites about the rediscovering of the sites, plus the
removal of the plus 7 ton block of the roadkill stegosaur in '92.  The
drive was long, the altitude was high, and hiking after Ken Carpenter is
exhausting if you've just come from sea level to Denver.  It also
(note: we got to meet the roadkill in person at the welcome reception a
few days later-all nicely prepped and not yet on public display)

field trip to Dinosaur Ridge with Martin Lockley-many Dinolist members
in attendance. I took pictures.  We started off in the Red Rock
amphitheater (think MTV-yes, that one) and amusingly enough the hill you
see across the road behind the stage is the site of the quarry of the
type of _Apatasaur_.  At Dinosaur Ridge we saw many bits of dino still
in matrix that are now part of a historical landmark for Marsh's quarry
sites, plus the mass Jurassic footprint sites on the other side of the
same hill.  Martin lectured about the findings in the area and the
science of studying footprints.  After Dino Ridge we went to Martin's
exhibit of dino footprints at the University of Colorado at Denver. 
Many cool things including pterosaur swimming trace fossils (Martin had
a poster about this at SVP).  It did not snow.

Both trips gave us numerous copies of papers and abstracts on the sites
we were visiting, as well as local field guide sort of things.  If you
want to know more about an aspect of the field trips, feel free to ask. 
I should be getting photographs back within the next couple of days....

-Betty Cunningham

Flying Goat Graphics
(Society of Vertebrate Paleontology member)