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Re: hardcover and paperback

I have not delved into Altispinax and Becklespinax in either edition so
was unawares of this change.  My apologies.


Michael de Sosa wrote:
> Actually, the paperback edition (1992, I think) has a new preface and includes
> taxa that were discovered or described after the HB edition went to print.
> Unfortunately they are just listed on the species tables and not described or
> even mentioned elsewhere.  Also the entry for Altispinax was split into
> Altispinax and Becklespinax and there was some changes in the Titanosauridae
> section, mainly related to Janenschia.
> Maybe we have different versions?
> Betty Cunningham wrote:
> > I have found no textual differences with _the Dinosauria_ in HB/PB
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