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Re: Fighting Archaeopteryx

>>I've noticed that ever since dromaeosaurs and troodontids have received
prominence both in the paleontological community and general public,
there's been depictions of just about any (eu)maniraptoran with an extended
second toe, _Archaeopteryx_ included. My questions is, did the feet
structure of these taxa allow such as posture?<<
I agree that the sickle-claw fad has gotten a bit out of hand in some cases.  I
have seen Ornitholestes given hyper extendable claws.  However, in this case,
the claws might not be far off.  In Predatory Dinosaurs of the World Gregory S.
Paul said that he had examined the toe structure of A. lithographica and found
that the structure of the innermost toe would let swing back just like a
dromaeosaur's.  In fact, according to GS Paul archaopteryx _is_ a dromaeosaur
(or vica-verca).

If Gregory Paul says, it must be true.