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Cretaceous Dinosaurs from Anhui Province, China

To: dinosaur@usc.edu
From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org
Subject: Cretaceous Dinosaurs from Anhui Province, China

I came across the following reference recently. Based on 
the awkwardly worded abstract, it appears that a number of 
new taxa are discussed in the article (skeletons rather 
than ichnotaxa or eggs?). Apart from a recent egg find and 
a short paragraph in Dong's  Dinosaurian Faunas of China 
(pg 144) mentioning an incomplete sauropod vertebra and 
Wannanosaurus, I can't recall much mention of dinosaurs 
from Anhui Province in the various articles and books 
about Chinese dinosaurs that have appeared in the past few 
years.  Has anyone seen this article? It's not available 
locally. (The geological date indicated is clearly a typo.)

Yu Xinqi, 1998. Characteristics of dinosaur fossils from 
southern Anhui and their significance for stratigraphic 
Regional Geology of China [Zhongguo Quyu Dizhi or Chung 
Kuo Ch'u Yu Ti Chih] 17; 3(66), Pages 278-284. 
People's Republic of China, Ministry of Geology and 
Mineral Resources. Beijing, China. 1998. 
The "trinitarian" occurrence of dinosaurian skeleton, eggs 
and footprints and tailprints in the Qiyunshan area, 
southern Anhui, is rare in the world. This paper describes 
the morphologies, sizes and structures of five genera and 
seven species (or indeterminate species) of three major 
classes of dinosaurs and analyzes the significance of 
these fossils in stratigraphic division. According to the 
horizon of the fossils, the age of activity of dinosaurs 
in southern Anhui is considered to be about 40 [sic] Ma