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Re: Cretaceous Dinosaurs from Anhui Province, China

Ben Creisler wrote:

(The geological date indicated is clearly a typo.)

Maybe not. Perhaps by "trinitarian" they mean "Tertiary"? The authors may truly believe the stratum is 40 Ma B.P. !!

The "trinitarian" occurrence of dinosaurian skeleton, eggs
and footprints and tailprints in the Qiyunshan area,
southern Anhui, is rare in the world. This paper describes
the morphologies, sizes and structures of five genera and
seven species (or indeterminate species) of three major
classes of dinosaurs and analyzes the significance of
these fossils in stratigraphic division. According to the
horizon of the fossils, the age of activity of dinosaurs
in southern Anhui is considered to be about 40 [sic] Ma


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