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Re: Scipionyx ref

Martin Barnett wrote:
> I'm on the lookout for a reference, following a comment made in the
> Walking With Dinosaurs supplement of the Radio Times.  In their "most
> significant recent finds" section, they said (and I quote): "1998
> Italy: internal organs of scipionyx, a theropod species, shows it was
> capable of boosting its oxygen supply for short periods of
> 'turbocharged' activity."  Is there a published paper on this I could
> get my hands on?  Thanks for any help you can give me.
> Yours sincerely,
>                         Samuel Barnett
Sounds like the turbocharged dinosaur-like creatures in Larry Niven,
Jerry Pournelle, and Steven Barnes's book 'The Legacy of Heorot' a 1987
sci-fi novel with some curious similarities to the later (1990) Michael
Crichton book 'Jurassic Park'. Not only that, it was a better book than
Jurassic Park IMO. 

Marcel Williams