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Re: back from SVP-field trip snippets

Rather a lot of people from the SVP meeting are interested in seeing my
photos if they come out.  Martin's poster only had a rough line drawing
so many people at SVP have not actually seen these in person.

They look rather like what has been attributed to croc swimming prints
but they're smaller (about the size of a small ducks' footprint).  About
what you would expect to see if a duck was swimming and scuffed it's
toes along a shallow bit; small parallel grooves with some toenail
shapes with them. 

One slab had a full pterosaur pes imprint on the same slab with the
scuffs, and Martin's poster was about one slab with multiple manus and
pes imprints with supposed beak imprints (from prodding for
invertebrates in the mud).  I'm not sure I saw the slab in person that
has the beak imprints on it but should be able to identify it if it's
one of the ones in the photos.


dbensen wrote:
> >>Many cool things including pterosaur swimming trace fossils (Martin had
> a poster about this at SVP). <<

> What do the footprints look like?  This little jem of information might
> settle that argument about pterosaurs in the water.

Flying Goat Graphics
(Society of Vertebrate Paleontology member)