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Tales from an SVP virgin

Reply to:Tales from an SVP virgin                            10:07 AM   

  Well,  For those of you who have never gone to an SVP meeting before, I 
urge you to become a member and do so.  I had such a great time!  It was 
wonderful to see many of you face to face, and to meet so many people I've 
only seen on TV.  
  The first night I arrived I was nervous as hell, but soon felt welcome at 
the Denver Museum reception.  I drank alot and many stupid things, but I 
think everyone else was equally as drunk, so it's OK I hope.  The next 
morning was major hangover time coupled with the fact that I had to set up my 
vendor booth.  Man, putting out drawings and sculptures of dinosaurs in front 
of that crowd is intimidating, especially when Mike Trcic is right across 
from you.  It's the closest thing to being naked in public.  Didn't make alot 
of money, in fact, not enough to cover the shipping cost to send two boxes 
full of resins and four bronzes, but hey, these shows are always a 
  Going to the talks was cool, it was like listening to a language you've 
only read.  I know that it's nessesary, but they should market a pill called 
"cladistics", it would be the cure for ensomnia.  God bless my wife for 
staying awake through all of it, she even found it fascinating!
  For those of you "Paleo artists" there is good news.  It was announced that 
next year the Lanzendorf Award will be given out to three lucky artists 
(2d,3d,and technical).  This will be known as The Lanzie!  I had the feeling 
it took some tooth-pulling to make that happen, but I suppose the artists are 
a nessesary evil.  I felt a little surge of pride for John as he giggled with 
glee.  After the dinner (with greatly shortened speeches I'm told)  I 
witnessed the unspeakable DANCING PALEONTOLOGISTS!  Just in time for 
Halloween ;-)
  In all It was great fun, and I must stress that it was great meeting all of 
you in person.  I also have never drank so much in my life.  Mixed with the 
dry-high-altitude-climate, I've never been so dehydrated in all my life 
either.  Hope to see you all next year!
  And if you're not a member,join.
David Krentz