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Basal Ornithischia teeth

Hello all,
recently I have read the article "Ornithischian dinosaurs from the Upper
Triassic of United Stated" and Hunt & Lucas mentioned that in 1984 Galton
noted that in the previous two isolated teeth described by Dutuit (1972) and
refferred to Azendhosaurus laarousi one of which teeth (MNHN XVI)
represented a new Ornithischia Dinosaur and that there are other
Ornithischia specimens found in Morocco and known by isolated teeth and
maxillae with teeth. And that Galton (1983) also mentioned a partial maxilla
from Nova Scotia that probably represent another Ornithischia Dinosaur
(perhaps similar to Pekinosaurus).
Well, my question is there are someone that can tell me if these teeth and
maxilla is actually described and what is the exact reference?

Thank's in advance
Alessandro Marisa
 "Volunteer of Paleontological Museum of Monfalcone"
Via Achille Grandi n°18
Tel: 039-0464-434658 Email: amaris@tin.it