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TADLG, talks and "you should be dancin'"

Our Third Annual Dinosaur List Breakfast (TADLG) was the most
successful yet, with 31 dinophiles in attendance.  We occupied half
of Players Sports Bar on Thursday morning.  Attendees were:
Art Andersen, Mike Brett-Surman, Pete Buchholz, Ralph Chapman,
Betty Cunningham, Tracy Ford, Jerry Harris, Scott Hartman, Jaime
Headden, Kim Heman, Thom Holmes, Tom Holtz, John Hutchinson,
Mark Kap, Mary Kirkaldy, Jim Kirkland, Tom Lipka, Lois McMillan,
Darren Naish, Ilja Nieuwlind, Jim Norton, Dinogeorge Olshevsky,
Dick Peirce, Luis and Carmen Rey, Scott Sampson, Michael
Skrepnick, Josh Smith, Dan Varner, Jonathan Wagner and Larry

I had considered hiring troops from Mali to keep order, but
everyone was congenial and seemed to enjoy this chance to meet
many of the regular posters on the dino list.  Thanks to Kim Heman,
Jerry Harris and Tracy Ford for their donations of prizes.  

Congratulations to Matt Bonnan, who won the Romer Prize for his
talk on "The Evolution of Manus Shape and the Antebrachium in

There were so many good talks and posters to see that it was
difficult to take in everything.  I and everyone else was amazed by
Ralph Chapman's Walking Triceratops, and Josh Smith's talk on
Egyptian dinosaurs caused much wanderlust amongst those who
would love to search for dinosaurs in that ancient land.  Chris
Brochu had some computer problems during his speech on the
CT scan of Sue (the computer crashed), but the science and
technology in his excellent talk were totally absorbing.

The auction was the best I have been to, featuring Brent Breithaupt
and Ralph Chapman, among others.  It was funny and productive,
raising $19,000 during the evening.  A special highlight was the
Brent Doll, which may be the next beany baby craze.  Tom Holtz
bought a collection of dinosaur claws, which he is planning to market
as back scratchers (NOT stabbers) :-).

Yes, it is true that there was an evolution in paleontologist behavior,
and the Dancin' Paleontologist ritual was spotted several times during
SVP, notably before and after the banquet. As one who partook of
this rite with both Bob Walters and Ralph Chapman, I hope that it
continues.  For those who sat on the sidelines, I can only say that
those who can, dance and those who can't, don't.