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SVP, the TADLGT, and more ...

Just so you guys all understand, there's some things I
am forbidden to say (just to sweeten the pot, you

  I'm back! ... actually, I was one of the last to
leave, except for the SVPers who are now attending the
GSA convention at the Denver Convention center, like
Josh Smith.

  Okay, the TADLGT was wonderful though, while I met
most of the people previously, seeing as how I arrived
Tuesday and the breakfast was Thursday, I did get to
meet several for the first time. Mike Brett-Surman,
hadrosaur worker extraordinairre ... Tim Holtz -- or
should I say Clade-Man? ... Ralph Chapman ... Scott
Hartman ... and a few others. Oh, Mary, Luis also
contributed to the prizes.

  Luis Rey is a great guy, if you don't get that from
his emails; at the end of the prize pass out, Luis
contributed to the pot with a couple prints from his
portfolio, and lo and behold, they held up his
"Regurgitating Oviraptor" (not the real name) and
pulled _my_ name. Boy was that a surprise. It was! :)

  Needless to say, Wednesday had no real dino-stuff
talks going on, full mostly of mammals and more basal
things having nothing (or nearly) to do with reptiles
or the like -- that didn't start till Thursday. So I
got to socialize, went to the DNMH, saw a cast of
*Gargoyleosaurus* I didn't expect to see, two of Dave
Peter's models for *Pteranodon sternbergi* and *P.
sp.* -- and later got to yak with the man himself,
after Jerry Harris pulled him around for me and Darren
Naish and Nick Pharris to talk to Friday Night after
the auction. Anyone going to the DNMH, don't miss the
*Daeodon* (mislabeled as *Dinohyus*, but it hasn't
caught up with the times) life restoration model --
that thing is huge, and the drool and snot are _real_
touches. You don't get a sense of the animal until you
see it up close, that and the cast of its skull in the
next room. I never thought I'd say this, but
entelodonts are _cool_!!

  The talks were great, some talking for the first
time, and getting support for themself, and others as
swift and proficient as you might expect. Though I was
told it wasn't as great as anticipated, I missed
Rueben's talk, and though I'd liked to have been
there, I also missed Bonnan's talk.

  Before this gets too long, I'd like to wrap it up in
saying that everyone agreed this was the best SVP
ever, though I've been to only one, it was a real
event for myself. The auction, the banquet, the talks,
the socializing, and Chatterjee's new little skulls
from India ...

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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