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SVP humor

Comments that made us laugh, sometimes uproariously, while listening to
presentations at the SVP. It takes a special kind of person. Be proud.

"That would be footnote 13 on page 1313 of that report."
(Tom Rich, during "Fossils From the Early Cretaceous of Southeastern
Australia and the Garden of Eden Hypothesis")

"The Triceratops killed Kenny."
(Art Anderson, after showing the computer animated opening title of their 3D
Triceratops talk in which the beast in question runs over Kenny from South

"Mike is not able to be here today because of the poor scheduling of his
comprehensive exams."
(Mike Getty, about his colleague Mike Ryan who had originally been scheduled
to give the talk, "A New Centrosaurine Ceratopsid from the Oldman Formation
of Alberta, Canada.")

"Of course, they threw duckbill feet on it in 1903."
(Ralph Chapman, commenting on the mount of Triceratops at the Smithsonian
which was erected around the turn of the century before they had discovered
any proper feet for it.)

"The hip and ankles are co-ossified, but not to each other."
(M. Carrano, during "Evidence for a Paraphyletic Ceratosauria and its
Implications for Theropod Dinosaur Evolution.")

"May I have the first hand puppet, please."
(David Varrichio, beginning his presentation, "Gut Content for a Cretaceous
Tyrannosaur: Implications for Theropod Dinosaur Digestive Tracts.")

"This is not Africa. This is Tatouine. I didn't have any African shots."
(Josh Smith, showing a slide of a landscape from Star Wars because he didn't
have one of Africa.)

--Thom Holmes
dinosaur author at large