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Dale Russell fake Vrtpaleo posting

Posted on the dinosaur list for Dale Russell.  Those of you who
are also subscribed to Vrtpaleo may have seen the post last
night which was purportedly from Dale.  In order to curb rumors,
Dale has asked me and Sam McLeod to post his reply.


Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday someone with an aol account posted a message over my 
name to the effect that I would soon resign my position at North 
Carolina State University, and implying that our paleobiology program 
is under a cloud. 

It is a pleasure to report that I was not the author of that note, that I
am happy to be in North Carolina, and that things are progressing very 
well in the establishment of a joint paleontological program with the 
University and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

Hopefully, I shall continue to enjoy my association with my colleagues 
in the pursuit of paleontology!

With best wishes to you all,

Dale Russell

Dale A. Russell
Phone: (919)515-1339
Fax:   (919)515-7802