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Re: Tyrannosaurs gorged on the young

If you mean who was the poop-erator.....?
As Karen Chin and Tom Holtz have mentioned in the past, by a process of

What animal of the mass and assumed hunting characteristics needed to
generate this coprolite has been found at that site before?

The ingested hardosaur bits were probably identified due to indigested
bits that have a recocogniseable signature form or cell shape.  Jack
Horner and Mary Schwietzer have been making a point to look at
hadrosaurid bones in particular very very closely (to observe bone
growth patterns).  So I suspect there is some sort of recogniseable bone
osteology? taphonomy? (not sure of the right term) in these bits that
helps assign these to hadrosaurians.

-Betty Cunningham

Randy King wrote:
> The article indicated this was determined from coprolites.
> How can one determine which dino a coprolite came from?
> Thanks,
> Randy

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