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Re: SVP humor

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  For me, the humor came on strong when Scott Sampson (who should be a 
presidential candidate due to his commanding and animated speaking skills) 
was trying to make a case for erectile tissue in the naris of centrosaurine 
dinosaurs.  As support for his theory, a photo of the male member split in 
two like a hot-dog was projected on the screen.  Every man in that room 
crossed their legs and sunk into their seats.

  I also liked it when someone asked a young man (whose name escapes me at 
the momment)  why he restored his skeletal drawings of sauropods with flexed 
knees.  With a bewildered look on his face,he answered as politely as 
possible, that there is good evidence for locomotor skills in sauropod 

 David Krentz

Date: 10/26/99 10:02 AM
To: David Krentz
From: bettyc@flyinggoat.com
I was quite fond of the young gentleman who borrowed a slide from
another presentation showing a table (of genera found in a site, I
think), simply so he could have a technical data slide (which had
nothing to do at all with his talk) somewhere during his 15 minutes of

Also the charming gentleman during the bird-dino section (the talk that
started out "Observations something") who said that he would NOT be
having any cladistic systematics in his talk and got an ovation for it. 
We need more like him ;]

And Tattoine was filmed in Tunisia, for those of you who didn't know.


Thom Holmes wrote:
> Comments that made us laugh, sometimes uproariously, while listening to
> presentations at the SVP. It takes a special kind of person. Be proud.

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