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Re: Tyrannosaurs gorged on the young

Randy King said:
The article indicated this was determined from coprolites.
How can one determine which dino a coprolite came from?

While the size and bone pieces in the coprolite indicate a large predator as already discussed here, another interesting point made by Dr. Chin was the presence of muscle tissue in the coprolite. Karen Chin thought this might suggest a number of possibilities, including illness, quick digestion (aka, quick metabolic rate), or gorging. She pointed out that dogs will commonly have undigested flesh in their feces, depending on how much they gorge themselves or what kind of meals they eat.

Of course, we cannot know exactly which dinosaur egested (technical word for "pooped") the coprolite, but its size and age would make it a likely candidate from the bowels of a T. rex.

Matt Bonnan

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