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Re: Tetanurae, etc.

At 08:52 26-10-1999 -0700, you wrote:
>       Fun SVP meeting.  Quick, trivial question: Are members of Tetanurae
>properly called tetanurans or tetanurines?  Or what?  I've it differently
>in several places and am not sure why.   Ditto for Avialae -- avialans or
>avialians?  Avialines?  Avialidinians?   Oh my.   My latin/greek-recalling
>brain cells have died a much lamented death... those valiant, hapless
>John R. Hutchinson
>Department of Integrative Biology              Phone:  (510) 643-2109
>3060 Valley Life Sciences Bldg.                        Fax:    (510) 642-1822
>University of California
>Berkeley, CA 94720-3140

I'm a simple dutch boy, but according to my standards Tetanurae are called
Tetanurae and Avialae are called Avialae, if you want to translate those
terms into another language, you are free to do as you please, as long as
you tell us what you mean in latin.
Your problem is with the English language, if you want to know anything
about English I suggest you ask a native.

Fred Ruhe