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Re: SVP humor

David Krentz wrote:

<I also liked it when someone asked a young man (whose
name escapes me at the momment) why he restored his
skeletal drawings of sauropods with flexed knees. 
With a bewildered look on his face, he answered as
politely as possible, that there is good evidence for
locomotor skills in sauropod dinosaurs.>

  I felt the answer was quite comprehensive in the
face of the question (which I asked). Oberczinkas, who
recunstructs Sereno et al's skeletons, restores the
sauropods uniformly in a half-squat pose, which for
some reason was repeated in a few later analyses
including the Farlow et al. Discovery Channel program
on the Texan Glen Rose trackways.

  In actuality, my question was this: "Do you believe
sauropods could hold their legs strait at the knee?"
Jeff Wilson's answer was (yes, there was a slight
bewildered look on his face, not understanding what
was behind the question): "Actually, there is a lot of
mobility capable in the sauropod leg, giving it quite
a range of movement, including strait knees." Or
something to the effect. Not precisely what I
anticipated, but close.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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