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Feathered dinos

After the extremely interesting feathered Therizinosaur talk at SVP I
returned home to find the new issue of National Geographic with an
article on these newest finds.  Some great specimens seem to be coming
out of Liaoning at an alarming rate.  With all the specimens pouring
out, including a number of illegal specimens, it seems that there is now
high potential for forgeries of these feathered specimens.  I would hope
that each specimen is being as rigorously examined as was the original
Sinosauropteryx specimen.  A fake at this point could be damaging
especially when specimens now seem to be hitting the press before they
have been formally described (eg. Archaeoraptor liaoningensis).  I
understand that this is a hot topic right now but let's please be
careful.  Of course, if these animals have been formally published
please give me a ref to set me straight.

Oh yeah, big fuzzy yellow fluffy Tyrannosaurus rex turns my stomach! 
Let it never happen. :-).
Bill Parker
Department of Geology
Northern Arizona University
Box 4099
Flagstaff, AZ 86011