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Re: Beta Keratin

Schweitzer, M.H., J.A. Watt, R. Avci, L. Knapp, L. Chiappe, M. Norell &
Marshall.  1999.  Beta-keratin specific immunological reactivity in
feather-like structures of the Cretaceous alvarezsaurid, _Shuvuuia
Journal of Experimental Zoology (Mol Dev Evol) 285: 146-157.

Larry Febo wrote:

>  Just reading "The Complete Dinosaur" and got to chapter on Molecular
> Paleontology by Mary H. Schweitzer. Dissappointed not to find any info
> on Beta kerotines and "integuementary fibers". Guess that`s a pretty
> new topic! Anyone have any  refs. on the subject??