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Re: Beta Keratin

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>Does anyone know if similar research is being proposed, or carried out (by
Schweitzer or others) on other "feathered dinos" (or perhaps on........
pterosaurian fibers)? I`d like to know if the beta keratin in all these is
similar or has undergone evolutionary change or if any clues might be found
at the molecular level as to the closeness (or not) of their phylogenitic

        Someone told me at SVP that the manufacturer of the reagents Dr.
Schweitzer used in her _Mononykus_ analysis does _not_ endorse her work and
claims that the materials will not do what she claims it does in her paper.
 Not being any sort of organic chemist, I can't believe one person over
another, but does anyone know if any of this has been published, or if
anyone knows enough about the subject to discuss the pros and cons of the
method and material?

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