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Re: Tyrannosaurs gorged...

At this time, I would like to bring up an "anecdote" from the Russian dinosaurs
exhibit web site.  See the bottom of the page:
<www.mathematical.com/dinotherizini.html>.  It reads:

"Anecdote:  The bones of a therizinosaurus were found inside the skeleton of a
_Tyrannosaurus_ exhibited with the _Russian Dinosaur Exposition_.  These bones 
found during the laboratory preparation of the _Tyrannosaurus_."

I presume that the "_Tyrannosaurus_" refers to the _Tarbosaurus bataar_ from the
exhibit.  Has anything more than this anecdote been published on the contents?  
not, somebody should write this up!

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com