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Dinogeorge writes...

Why is it that any fossil that doesn't fit the cladogram/theory of the day is
called a chimera? Not to say Archaeoraptor is or isn't one, just that this
particular excuse is getting a little overworked (Protoavis, Avimimus,
Rahonavis, etc.).

Yes that is correct for non-theropods too eg.

Tsintaosaurus - hadrosaurine +lambeosaurine according to Weishampel and Horner (1990)

Dyslocosaurus - sauropod + non-sauropod (?theropod) according to Wilson and Sereno (1998)

Perhaps they are just weird? But you know sometimes dinosaurs do not fit into cladograms becuase they are really chimeras - like the Teratosauridae.

I think Rahonavis and Avimimus are real but Protoavis is probably chimera.

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