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RE: Feathered dinos

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> > Why is it that any fossil that doesn't fit the cladogram/theory
> of the day
> > is called a chimera? Not to say Archaeoraptor is or isn't one,
> just that
> this
> > particular excuse is getting a little overworked (Protoavis, Avimimus,
> > Rahonavis, etc.).
> Well, _Rahonavis_ does make things *a little* uncomfortable for
> the cladists,
> but I've never heard anyone but the Martin/Rubenites call it a chimaera.

Other way round: _Rahonavis_ fits happily cladistically as a basal bird,
whereas Martin & the Feducciaries are calling it (the News item in the same
issue of Science where it was published, at the SICB conference and
elsewhere) a chimera: they claim the forelimb material does not belong to
the rest of the animal.

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