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Re: Feathered dinos

Nick Pharris writes;

>I don't know if I should be the first to mention it, but it was suggested 
>numerous times at SVP that Archaeoraptor is itself a chimaera.  Specifically, 
>the head looks (to me) dromaeosaurid or troodontid, the torso like that of a 
>bird, and the feet like a tiny avimimid or mononykine.  The tail looks like a 
>rather unnatural long, stiff rod.

Is there any word on where Archaeoraptor shows up in the geologic strata, in 
relation to the other critters?  My initial response (guess) would be that the 
chimaera qualities would be indicitive of a basal taxon.  Of course, if 
Archaeoraptor shows up after the others, then that idea is invalid.

Is there any evidence to suggest that the similarities are due to convergence 
in some way or another?  Is there any precidence for this elsewhere?

Rob Meyerson

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