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KT--The Extra-Ocular (joke)

October 31, 1999

It was a dark and stormy night at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico when Dr. 
Mickey Myers-Rowe showed British Prime Minister Tony Blair which 
project he envisioned as the millennial scientific breakout--the sixth 
Centrosaurus.  In the haunting message summoning Blair to this 
sleepy hollow, Myers-Rowe had written, "I see dead dinosaurs!"

The matrix surrounding the thing was a rocky horror of a picture, 
showing signs that the chain saw brought in from Texas would be 
needed.  He knew what Professor Yu did last summer at Haddenfield 
and was cautious about introducing a fifth element of research into 
this find, fearing it might spawn a press frenzy similar to that which 
had occurred on Jekyll Island when the mummified hide of a 
Gargoyleosaurus was unearthed.  Myers-Rowe had lost a world of 
data during that outbreak of barely masked dementia.  He had had 
a hunch back at Notre Dame that this site screamed out mass 
mortality, but when the sixth Centrosaurus was found, he saw it as 
an omen.  His lab assistant, Al E. Gore, had been dispatched with 
the news during the night of the living dead evolutionary branch.

They waited, bewitched, as the creature approached them from the 
ebony swamp.  "I am so scared," said Blair, coughing.  Myers-Rowe, 
heedless of the hoarse man, said, "Anyboo!"

videotaped by Mary from the suburbs of Mary Land

Disclaimer:  Mickey Rowe never watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 
nor does he employ a person named Gore or know John Blair.  Any 
resemblance to anyone or any thing living or long dead or undead is 
purely experimental.