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Beta (=feather) keratin

The classic citation on the nature and evolution of beta keratin is
                Brush, AH (1993) The origin of feathers: A novel approach In Avian Biology Vol IX: 212-162. Farner, King & Parks,eds.
                     Academic Press.
The most recent published paper on feather evolution is
                Brush, AH (1996) On the Origins of feathers. J. Evol. Biol. 9:131-142.
There are several more papers in press, mostly in the recent Dinofest, SICB and Yale Symposia. However, the most likely to be available soon is
                Prumm, R (in press, 1999).The Development and Evolutionary Origin of Feather. J. Exptl. Zool 285(4)
But it is the first two that give the most information on the beta keratins and their incorporation and function in feathers, scales, claws and beaks.
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