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RE: Tracing the origins of an SVP urban legend...

> From: Martin Barnett [mailto:martin.barnett3@virgin.net]
> Dr Holtz wrote:
> > "Sue" the _T. rex_ is as cool inside as she is outside;
> He also wrote in a thread called "Sue's family":
> > Not ICZN, but for someone who is engaged on *contract work* on a certain
> > specimen for whom legal issues are a problem, caution is
> strongly advised.
> Now that the scan of Sue's skull has been unveilled, would it be unethical
> of me to ask if nasal turbinates were visible as they are in the
> Nanotyrannus scan?
> Also, are they selling the scan results in any format at all?
> Yours,

I think it would be fair to say that Brochu's presentation revealed the
so-called nasal turbinates in "Nanotyrannus" are most likely part of the
internal wall of the maxillary antrum instead.  However, Brochu made some
important observations calling into question the identification of the nasal
passage of "Nanotyrannus" in the work of Ruben et al.

I doubt that they will be selling the scan results: I would instead expect
that they will be publishing them in some format in the technical literature
(on CD-Rom, perhaps?).

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