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Archaeoraptor - last thoughts for now

Some last thoughts about "Archaeoraptor" (an INFORMAL name, despite it being
in italics in National Geographic, since to my knowledge it has not yet been

This specimen first reared its head at a rock show in the U.S. (Tuscon, I
Even from the photographs it is apparent that the specimen consists of
several slabs attached together: this happens sometimes in thinly-bedded
rocks (such as the Yixian Fm. shales).
There have been confirmed modified specimens (okay, fakes) from the Yixian
in the past: Tim Rowe's talk about _Confuciusornis_ demonstrated the great
potential for CAT scans for finding evidence of such modification.

I'm off to see the critter shortly.  I'm vastly more interested in seeing
_Sinornithosaurus_ and _Beipiaosaurus_, though!

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