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Chinese Pronunciation was Re: A Facelift for Qilong

Ya'll agonize over the proper Latin terms so much, that I'd like to
point out that it is equally  important to differentiate between the
various means of "romanizing" Chinese characters and how they are

Chinese characters, of course, have NO clues as to how they pronounced,
so there are differing ways of writing the characters down.

The spelling "QiLong" appears to be pinyin which is a romanization of

If that is so, then the proper pronunciation is chee-loong.

If it were to be pronounced chee-lyoong, it would have to be spelled

On the other hand, it may be that this is a misspelled romanization for
Cantonese or a different dialect, in which case, your guess is as good
as mine.

Leong or loon or loong are often romanizations for the same character
which means "dragon" and is a common way of talking about dinos.  They
are pronounced something on the order of "lyoong" or "lee-ooong"
depending upon the dialect.

It goes without saying that I'm completely ignoring the "tone" of the
word which is crucial in determining it's meaning. Mandarin has 4(5)
tones. Cantonese has 9 (10) tones. I'm assuming that no one is really
interested enough to get into this can of worms, but if I'm wrong, write
to me.


"Jaime A. Headden" wrote:

>   I've been informed by Ben Creisler, and I'm not
> prone to disagree with him, that the name "Qilong,"
> pronounced chee-lyoong, properly refers to
> *Gasosaurus*, having the meaning of "gas" or "vapor
> dragon;" meanwhile, *Agilisaurus* has the moniker
> "Linglong," pronounced ling-lyoong (soft l's, soft
> g's), so my name applies to a different animal ... one
> without a head. So I get to alter the picture on my
> site, but not the name. Still, little *"Agilisaurus"
> multidens* gets to be there in honor, in memoriam.
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