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New abelisaurs (Re: DGL #115)

In a message dated 10/27/99 8:32:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Dinogeorge@aol.com writes:

> Coria, R. A., 1999. "Ornithopod dinosaurs from the Neuquén Group, 
>  Argentina: Phylogeny and biostratigraphy,"in Tomida, Y., Rich, T. H. & 
>  Vickers-Rich, P., eds., 1999: 47?60.
>  No new dinosaurs are described in this article, but the names of two 
>  as-yet-undescribed taxa appear: the dryomorphan iguanodontian genus and 
>  species Anabisetia saldiviai and the abelisaurid theropod genus 

So _Ilokelesia_ (Neuquén Group) is *another* new abelisaur, distinct from the 
subject of Coria's SVP poster "A primitive abelisaur from the Río Limay 
Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Patagonia"?

And presumably also distinct from Chiappe's nearly complete abelisaur from 
Auca Mahuevo (Río Colorado Fm.)?  Geez; we're up to our ears in abelisaurs!

--Nick P.