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In a message dated 10/28/99 4:32:58 PM EST, am_shaad@hotmail.com writes:

<< Am I to undersatnd correctly that ths Archaeoraptor really is a fake?>>

Didn't call it a fake; just said that if a specimen (any specimen) is a fake, 
one should call it a fake rather than a "chimera" or some other such 
wishy-washy term.
<< I have heard about (1) somebody spreading bad rumors about Dr Holtz, (2) 
 somebody pretending to be dale Russell (3) Chinese farmers selling fake 

Haven't heard any bad rumors about Tom recently.

Saw a fake post supposedly from Dale Russell on the vert paleo list in which 
he says he is resigning his position in North Carolina for personal reasons. 
This post is definitely a fake; Dale is happily ensconced in North Carolina 
and still wondering why anyone would send such a post to the vert paleo list.

At SVP heard of at least one "feathered lizard" fossil being offered for sale 
from China. Not a dino, a lizard. Tim Rowe's SVP talk with CT scans of a 
phonied-up Chinese Confuciusornis specimen was enlightening.
<< How things have changed since the days of Marsh and Cope!!! >>

Haven't changed much at all. You should see what Marsh did to some of his 
specimens to make them look good.