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Re: Millennium

Samuel Barnett wrote:

> << OK then.  _Dryptosaurus_ and _Cryptosaurus_ (unnecessarily re-named
>  _Cryptodraco_). >>
Was this renamed on the premise that it was too similar to Dryptosaurus or
was there another reason?

Nothin' to do with _Dryptosaurus_. Seeley named it _Cryptosaurus_. Lydekker thought the name _Cryptosaurus_ had already been used, so he renamed it _Cryptodraco_.

Apparently the name _Cryptosaurus_ hadn't been used at all. From memory, the genus Lydekker was thinking of as the senior "homonym" was not _Cryptosaurus_ but _Cystosaurus_. Lydekker was misled or he misread. I'm not sure which.


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