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Re: Millennium

In a message dated 10/28/99 7:24:51 PM EST, martin.barnett3@virgin.net writes:

<< Was this [Cryptosaurus] renamed on the premise that it was too similar to 
Dryptosaurus or was there another reason? >>

Here's the listing for Cryptosaurus from MM #2:

Genus: Cryptosaurus Seeley, 1869 [nomen dubium]
= Cryptodraco Lydekker, 1889 [nomen dubium]
= Crytodraco Delair, 1959 [sic]
C. eumerus Seeley, 1869?
= Cryptodraco eumerus (Seeley, 1869) Lydekker, 1889 [nomen dubium]?
NOTE: Lydekker (1889) considered the genus Cryptosaurus to be preoccupied by 
an anonymous 1833 usage. Research by B. Creisler (pers. comm.), however, 
indicates that this was a typographical error for the generic name 
Cystosaurus Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1833 and not a proper prior usage of the 
name Cryptosaurus. Therefore the name Cryptosaurus is reinstated for this 
genus, and Cryptodraco Lydekker, 1889 is set aside as a junior objective