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Sorry I didn't see you all

Hi DinoList Friends:

Sorry I wasn't able to find the breakfast. That's right -- I can find sauropod calcanea buried in dust in dino collections but I couldn't find the breakfast which is why I was not present. I really wanted to be there and looked frantically that morning to no avail. I met some of you during the course of the meeting, but to those who I did not have the pleasure of meeting, my sincerest apologies for my bad sense of direction. =)

It has been great being on the Dino List and to e-meet so many enthusiastic dinosaur-interested folks here. Just so you all know, I am heading into the final throes of my dissertation from now until March, and if I am not quick to respond, please do not feel snubbed.

E-see you all soon,

Matt Bonnan

"When dinosaurs ruled the earth, they walked."
-- Matt Bonnan

"Here where you are standing / The dinosaurs did a dance ..."
-- Talking Heads

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