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Re: Walking with Dinosaurs in GB

> Viewing audiences for WWD in Britain have topped 18 million (56 million
> peeps in Britain I think), unprecedented for "factual" (ha, ha) programmes
> and exceeding even the audiences for our worst (i.e. most popular) soaps.
> Amazing.
It's a bit more incredible than that - walking with Dinosaurs is the most
watched programme on television (not including films of course.  According
to the Guardian, the first episode was only just topped by the christmas
special of Eastenders (except including repeats of both programmes WWD tops
that as well).  A list member said (and I wholeheartedly admit to not
remembering who, so apologies) "if Harryhousen's techniques got this many
people into dinosaurs imagine what WWD will do.  Well brace yourself people
this could be a fruitful new decade for dinosaurophiles (like it wasn't
anyway).  Also, having spoken with Tim Haines et al, I asked him if he had
plans to do anything else like this.  He replied Well it all depends on the
viewing statistics to see if we get the go-ahead from the BBC.  Cue dramatic
music here - looks like there's going to be a Walking with everything the
way these ratings go.

Samuel Barnett