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_In Re_ to Something Chinese and Greek

Ben Creisler wrote:

<Just to set the record straight, I never indicated to
anybody that qilong should be pronounced chee-lyoong
-- the syllable "lyoong" does not occur in Mandarin
Chinese to my knowledge. I checked my copies of the
email I sent to Jaime and don't see a "y" inserted
into "loong." Weird linguistic gremlins have been
having fun somewhere in cyberspace I guess.>

  This would be my guess, and an apology to anyone who
thought I was was saying Ben told me this. In an
email, I was fairly certain there was a "lyoong" in
there, so shall I make my mistakes....

  Irk. Oh, Ben, Nick, I do liek these lessons in
Chinese, cause if any of us here gets the unshakable
urge to coin a taxon in Chinese, we'll know just how
to do it from pinyin or such! :) It's also interesting
to note that, while the ancient use of umlaut-u in
*Chiayusaurus* is prohibited by ICZN rules, so does
the use of umlaut-o in *Troodon*, as the
Greek-to-English transliteration is used to denote
separate vowels. Hence, you write _troos_ (chew, gnaw,
bite), the root for _trogein_ (to chew, to gnaw, to
bite), as tau-rho-omegha-omikron-sighma, the umlaut
over omikron to denote a pronounciation of _troos_ as
"troo-ohs" (no accent), whereas _trogein_ is
"TROO-gee-in" (accent on antepenultimate syllable --
here the first); so, *Troodon* is "TROO-oh-don"
(because we're using _trogein_ as the root, but
retaining _troos_ as the combining form) and the
antepenult. is given the accent. So quit your
"troh-oh-don" pronounciations, folks, as I most
certainly have heard in the past [but, surprisingly,
not at SVP, where everyone was talking about
elephant-nosed ceratop[s]ians and strange four-legged
_and_ quadrupedal birds!

  Darren, Darren, Darren.... :)

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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