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Comparing T-rex to pterosaurs was (Re: pterosaur tracks from SVP)

Betty Cunningham wrote:
> T rex also has the head way forwards of the center of gravity- by 15
> feet or more.  By your arguement T rex would have been unable to walk
> bipedally unless it's head was repositioned from currently accepted
> posture.

There's a fundamental difference between T-rex and the GIF pterosaur
though - T-rex has a tail to stabilize it's head that far forward of it's
centre of gravity.  Surely you must see that if T-rex had no tail it would
pitch forwards first opportunity it got - try walking forwards with your
torso at a right angle to your legs and you'll see what I mean.
         Looking at extant bipeds with reduced tails, they all have their
necks pulled back.

Samuel Barnett