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Re: pterosaur tracks from SVP

I have quite a good wing and shoulder cast of Q species and access to a good
hind leg.  Quetzalcoatlus could assume a similar position (but with a
considerably different neck configuration) and perform a similar walk.  It
appears to be the most feasible form of terrestrial locomotion, and is
compatible with the launch technique that I think most probable for
Quetzalcoatlus.  Because of the long stiff neck, Q would have been highly
unstable in the bipedal positon.  I think Henderson and Unwin did a very good
job with their animation, and feel that their sequence may well be very close
to the motions actually used by the animal.

Martin Brazeau wrote:

> However, the major flaw in what I am saying is that I don't even know if
> pterosaurs can even assume that posture. So I raise that question of wether
> or not that option was exhausted of all feasibility.
> I would just like to know what other people think/know. Anyone?