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Re: pterosaur tracks from SVP

We have articulated the neck vertebrae of Q species at their maximum dorsal,
ventral, and lateral extensions.  They were far too inflexible to achieve the
position you describe, or even anything remotely close to it, and their flight
mechanics and launch did not require that they attempt to do so.  Elsewhere in
their bodies, they have several really neat adaptations that avoid the
consequence of the 'big spiralling mess'.

Martin Barnett wrote:

> In addition to what Martin Brazeau is saying, I'd just like to add that
> flight would be pretty inconceivable if the head could not be brought back
> to somewhere above the shoulder girdle.  As we see in most if not all
> Pteranodon and other large headed pterosaur reconstructions is a head held
> way back resting that big heavy weight more central to the lifting area.  I
> would certainly hope the neck vertebrae can manipulate by this much or we
> would have a big spiralling mess on our hands.