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RE: Holtzian Jealousy

> From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> Josh Smith
> >
> > Josh Smith and company have rediscovered the original German
> Baharja sites
> > (the type locality of _Spinosaurus_, etc.), thereby
> demonstrating that any
> > loser can make an important paleontological discovery... :-);
> >
> Hah....what Tom is not telling you is that this statement is
> little more than
> his (rather poor, in my mind) attempt at getting me back for the
> slide of him
> that I showed...

Folks, don't let my would-be whit confuse you: I and a lot of others were
impressed by Smith et al.s (re-)discoveries, and it promises to be one of
the more exciting sites for potential future research.  Cool stuff indeed!

> I really hope, Tom, that there is something in that belt that
> will improve your
> whit...
> Or is the NODE STEM TRIPLET all that you have...?

Taunt me not, or face the menace of the TEMPLETON TEST!
Beware the HOMOPLASTIC EXPLOSIVES, for they will undermine even the best
Fear the LONG BRANCH ATTRACTORS, for they will banish you forever into the

But for now I must resume my secret identity, and lead 60-some undergrads
off into the wilds of "Blair Witch" country...  (really).